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Susan A. Matthews
Study Guide

Private Consultation and Customized Training
Integrated Orthopedics
for Mobility Disorders, Chronic Pain and for Neurorehabilitation

About Susan A Matthews, MS, ND
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Susan Matthews

Dr. Matthews is available for private consultation in person regularly in Southwestern Colorado, Southern California, and now online. Consider an online consultation via Skype. Email Susan with questions regarding your specific issues. . See payment processing below.

Hi Susan, ... let me tell you how very much I enjoyed our time together!!  It was the very best work that I have done since I received my [parkinsons] diagnosis!!!  You are the very, very, very best teacher in the whole world!! K Ruben, Santa Fe, NM

Postural Corrections reduce chronic pain, address structural connections to improve physiological conditions.
In a personal and private session, we analyze in detail your posture and skeletal structure, including the shape of your toes and feet, knees, hips, spine, neck, and shoulders. We discover how time or injury has created uneven muscle tension and maladjustments in how your bones coordinate with each other, especially out of the central control in the hips. We also see how the entire skeleton has compensated for pain and uneven shape, and how it continues to compensate with stress and tension in order for the body to balance in an upright position. We can analyze how the forces of gravity have been acting on the knees, ankles and feet due to tight hips. We can also see how the shape of the thorax (chest cavity) is changed by tension form the hips and by emotionally protecting the heart. This, in turn, determines the stresses on the neck, shoulders, elbows and wrists.

"I suffered from back pain, stiffness and occasional sciatica as a result of back and car accidents that left my entire spine feeling traumatized. Working on my physical posture with tai chi over several years improved my range and quality of movement but didn’t resolve all the pain. Having seen Susan’s “George Xu” DVDs, I knew immediately that she could offer me a very different approach. Words can not express the difference a couple of private lessons over skype have made to my practice. The difference is huge. They significantly reduced the pain I had in just two short sessions. The first thing Susan did was a massive change in perspective. Taking the solid foundations of structure for granted she took my practice to a whole new level which I can now only describe as a “pure” energy practice which feels great. It opened up something I would never have found just working physically on my own. From her deep understanding of anatomy, neuroscience and tai chi, Susan could see exactly what was wrong. She showed me how to move with a different awareness and make a few key changes so that the pain just went, and all without needing to have any physical contact with me.  Susan is a very gifted and wonderful teacher, and I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their practice. I love this method of teaching because it means I am now able to get access to Susan and her great teaching from any where in the world."

CJ England UK

"I had blown a disc at L-1 which left me in chronic pain. When I started taijiquan and qigong 7 years ago I was on heavy doses of pain killers, my blood pressure was sky high, and severe allergies caused massive outbreaks of hives. I had severe wrist and hand pain. None of those conditions exist anymore."
óC. Hughes, R.N. Cardiac Care

The private session will teach you to begin understanding how to adjust each piece in order to integrate it smoothly, calmly, and eventually, effortlessly into the entire body structure. You will be able to approach healing your own body as a process of incremental changes that occur through the repositioning of each of its parts. Often information is revealed about the psychological position we adopt and hold because it is consistent with the character and shape of the body. Letting go of this position is often the mental and spiritual change we need to make in order to move through life in a different way.

Private consultation in-home includes postural analysis and corrections, therapeutic massage, dvd support.

Please call to discuss your personalized package.

Private Consultation Rates

You will be prescribed Personalized Therapeutic Qigong and Meditation Exercises. By learning and employing specific relaxation, stretching, and moving that develops deep, internal strength and circulation in your body, these methods often alleviate many systemic problems as structure and function are intimately related. Correctly aligning your anatomy increases joint flexibility and circulation and allows your mind to move energy more willfully to increase blood circulation, to support maximum functioning of the internal organs, and to truly relax. Personalized Therapeutic Qigong exercises balance the immune system, the endocrine system, the nervous system, and the digestive system. 

"I just want to thank you for all your expertise in helping me overcome (and I feel cured of) a medium to large tear in my rotator cuff (I know that doesn't just happen on it's own), my arthritic knee, and don't forget 4% better in my bone density. I practice Tai Chi every day. Thanks a hundred-fold for your great teaching. Sign me on as a Tai Chi-er for life."  Pat

Therapeutic Tai Chi basic exercises also train for neurorehabilitation and neural repair. These are described in Brain Workshop™ training including: balance training, mental exercises, right/left coordination, engaging and integrating multiple sensory systems both physically and with mind intention, synchronicity, rhythmicity, and sensitivity training.
Above all, the information provided in a private session is to help you know exactly what to do to facilitate healing yourself. You are given concrete reasons and root causes for why problems may resist healing with drugs or with numerous treatment modalities and orthopedic adjustments which "don't seem to hold."

Spiral Anatomy Module 1 Check out the Spiral Anatomy™ Training Course for great packages including many of these videos. Modules provide stepwise training on major topics!
Spiral Anatomy™- Movement and Energy Training
for Tai Chi, Sports, Chronic Pain and Rehabilitation

Several videos (seen at right) are available for home practice and can speed your progress. Full description is on Beginners should start with Qigong Practice, Eight Pieces of Brocade, and Brain Workshop. Advanced practioners can consult these videos for great visualizations and instructions on practicing internal energy in all internal martial arts. Advanced and beginning practitioners will find many internal concepts recorded in the following video at Telluride, Colorado Mind and Energy in Taijiquan Workshop (more at

Brain Workshop Program for PD and Other Movement Disorders-
Make sure your program towards recovery contains these elements I recommend for my students.
Recent New England Journal of Medicine article on tai chi and balance. PDF


Let me help you design a custom program based on your specific needs, physical condition and goals.

Susan A. Matthews, M.S. offers Integrated Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Private Consultation for Chronic Pain, Neurological, and Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, Postural Correction, Sports Performance Training, as well as Orthopedic Integration Training for Professionals. Read more about Private Retreats...

Come to Colorado for a Tai Chi Vacation! Play, Train, Rehabilitate. Take a Rehabilitation Vacation!

Tour the wonders of the Southwest while receiving expert, cutting-edge tai chi and qigong training or come for rehabilitation therapy. Cortez, Colorado is perfectly located between the San Juan Mountains and Canyonlands, is home of Mesa Verde National Park. Many interesting trips are available: Silverton Mining District, Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, Hovenweep and Canyons of the Ancients National Monument Archeology, Hot Springs and much more. The recreation opportunities are enormous including hiking, biking, skiing, snow boarding, golf, rafting, kayaking, running, rock climbing, and more. Read more about Private Retreats... Email Susan with questions.