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Qigong PracticeDancing HeartIntegrated Orthopedics for Mobility Disorders, Chronic Pain and Neurorehabilitation

Nosara RetreatExclusive Wisdom Path Tibetan Cranial and Tai Chi Retreats

Relaxation and Rejuvenation Retreats

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Can you benefit from a private retreat?

Are you ready to advance your tai chi or sport several levels? Practice mind-body integration with Spiral Anatomy™, advanced biomechanics; create effective, relaxed, whole-body movement with power and stamina; integrate principles of mind, energy movement, and biomechanics, understand a model and a language for understanding this universal mechanical and energetic movement in a pattern that uses less muscle and more spiraling bone strength--essential for tai chi and sports. Read more...

If you are living a lifestyle with high stress responsibilities, this is an invitation to slow down, honor and listen to your body. Immersion for several days in mind-body practice with the support of energetic and therapeutic massage dramatically reduces the present state of tension. You can learn to change the set point of stressful triggers and stay relaxed with simple but key postural and movement changes. Read more...

Immersion Retreats allow the time to focus on new directions. Are you ready to write the next stage of your life? From birth we are trained to be something. We have committed to being on a spiritual path but distraction of daily life and reactions to trauma and drama make up feel like we have not progressed. In a restorative retreat environment there is a chance to see yourself differently--to see a new way of embodying energy--energy in movement as a result of movement and movement as a result of energy changes. Experience yourself as an energetic being, cultivate the subtle energy body, and forge your path to enrich your spiritual self. Read more...

Personal retreats are perfect if you have a chronic painful musculoskeletal condition. Whether back, neck, shoulders, knees or feet, you may have tried many therapies that helped for a while, but the condition continues for several reasons. Persistent stress perpetuates a level of mental and physical tension that keeps the body in a state of 'fight or flight' with its attendant hormones and inflammatory processes. Improper posture creates a great deal of musculoskeletal strain. The solution lies in whole-body postural changes and better biomechanics. Read more...

Hi Susan, ... let me tell you how very much I enjoyed our time together!!  It was the very best work that I have done since I received my [parkinsons] diagnosis!!!  You are the very, very, very best teacher in the whole world!! K Ruben, Santa Fe, NM

If you need to rehabilitate after brain injury or with other neurological conditions, therapeutic Tai Chi basic exercises also train for neurorehabilitation and neural repair after stroke, These are described in Brain Workshop™ training including: mental exercises, right/left coordination, engaging and integrating multiple sensory systems both physically and with mind intention, synchronicity, rhythmicity, and sensitivity training. You will leave a retreat with better balance and motor function that helps prevent falls.

You can choose from these options:

Single or multi-day retreat in Southwestern Colorado with Susan Matthews: Wisdom Path Immersion Retreats, Private Retreats for Integrated Orthopedics for Mobility Disorders, Chronic Pain and Neurorehabilitation

Bring a one- to three-day workshop to your school. Call Susan today. 970.903.5723

Wisdom Path Immersion Retreats, Private Retreats for Integrated Orthopedics for Mobility Disorders, Chronic Pain and Neurorehabilitation

Your Personalized Schedule (Sample)

Arrive Thursday evening to start your retreat. It is a great idea to work with really understanding a process for dropping the fear down from the heart. This would be an enhancement of the brain/body energy-filling visualization. I would also want to review gathering your energy back. This would probably take at least an hour.

Friday, around 10am we start your Integrative Structural Analysis Session followed by your Therapeutic and Energetic Massage. That takes about 3 hours. We could take a short lunch break before the massage.

Friday evening I highly recommend joining me at The Millennium Center for an evening of ballroom dancing. You can take a lesson and attend the party afterwards. I would recommend the beginner class at 7:30 and the party 8:30-10pm. It is grand fun. You can get a taste of an amazing kind of feminine expression or masculine control. Ballroom is like push hands in martial arts, with love as the goal, instead of combat.

Saturday Advanced Tai Chi class is 9:45am and Beginner class is 11-12:15pm. Practice everything you are learning.

More Saturday Tai Chi with afternoon hands-on taiji/structure/energy practice. Push hands, sword.
or another Therapeutic and Energetic Massage, or more structural.

Saturday evening there may be a local music event.

Therapeutic and Energetic Massage. Susan guides you into an altered state. Susan's hands see and feel deeply into your body, with precise anatomical detail, even down to the molecular/quantum energetic level. Physical and energetic densities are dissolved. Mind state is focused on the energetic field surrounding the body which serves as a direct communication for the energetic body work. In effect, the physical 'melts' and the energy moves.

Structural Analysis Session. In your structural analysis session, we analyze in detail your posture and skeletal structure, including the shape of your toes and feet, knees, hips, spine, neck, and shoulders. We discover how time or injury has created uneven muscle tension and maladjustments in how your bones coordinate with each other, especially out of the central control in the hips. We also see how the entire skeleton has compensated for pain and uneven shape, and how it continues to compensate with stress and tension in order for the body to balance in an upright position. Read more...

The Practice Sessions will help you integrate changes smoothly, calmly, and eventually, effortlessly into the entire body structure. Letting go of stress in the posture is often the mental and spiritual change we need to make in order to move through life in a different way.

Start training with a Skype session:

Private Consultation


The Shanti School Studio has light and energy. It is comfortable with a private entrance, double bed, large, luxury private bath, refrigerator, microwave. Enjoy beautifully landscaped grounds and a private, red rock patio . Wi-Fi internet.

Southwestern Colorado is rich with natural beauty. Cortez is nestled between the San Juan Mountains and Canyonlands and is home to Mesa Verde National Park, Canyons of the Ancients, biking trails, and hiking. Enjoy Scenic Byways, ski in Telluride, river raft, ride the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad. Plan your vacation and retreat!

About Susan A Matthews, MS, ND

Dr. Matthews is available for private consultation in person regularly in Southwestern Colorado, Southern California, and now online. Consider an online consultation via Skype before you make your decision to participate in a retreat. Email Susan with questions regarding your specific issues. .


"I suffered from back pain, stiffness and occasional sciatica as a result of back and car accidents that left my entire spine feeling traumatized. Working on my physical posture with tai chi over several years improved my range and quality of movement but didn’t resolve all the pain. Having seen Susan’s DVDs, I knew immediately that she could offer me a very different approach. Words can not express the difference a couple of private lessons over skype have made to my practice. The difference is huge. They significantly reduced the pain I had in just two short sessions. The first thing Susan did was a massive change in perspective. Taking the solid foundations of structure for granted she took my practice to a whole new level which I can now only describe as a “pure” energy practice which feels great. It opened up something I would never have found just working physically on my own. From her deep understanding of anatomy, neuroscience and tai chi, Susan could see exactly what was wrong. She showed me how to move with a different awareness and make a few key changes so that the pain just went, and all without needing to have any physical contact with me.  Susan is a very gifted and wonderful teacher, and I can thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their practice. I love this method of teaching because it means I am now able to get access to Susan and her great teaching from any where in the world." CJ England UK

"I had blown a disc at L-1 which left me in chronic pain. When I started taijiquan and qigong 7 years ago I was on heavy doses of pain killers, my blood pressure was sky high, and severe allergies caused massive outbreaks of hives. I had severe wrist and hand pain. None of those conditions exist anymore."
—C. Hughes, R.N. Cardiac Care

"I just want to thank you for all your expertise in helping me overcome (and I feel cured of) a medium to large tear in my rotator cuff (I know that doesn't just happen on it's own), my arthritic knee, and don't forget 4% better in my bone density. I practice Tai Chi every day. Thanks a hundred-fold for your great teaching. Sign me on as a Tai Chi-er for life."  Pat