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Susan Matthews
Shanti School of Taijiquan

Cortez Tai Chi Classes- New Location at the Millennium Center for the Performing Arts

Call to visit Tai Chi Classes in Cortez. Millennium Center, 20 W. Main St. Cortez
Regular Tai Chi and Qigong Classes. Saturdays: 10:00-11:15 am. ($120 for 8 weeks; $65 for 4 weeks, $18 per drop-in class)
While the weather holds, our new class under the trees behind the High School on 7th Street is at 5:30 Thursdays. We are practicing energy, form, line drills and two person work.
Beginner Tai Chi, Chronic Pain and Neurorehabilitation at 11:15am-12:15pm. Presented in 6-week sessions. Next session Aug. 9- sept. 13 ($95) Call or email Susan 970-903-5723 for private appointments in Cortez and for appointments in Durango, Colorado.

FREE Intro to Beginning Tai Chi and Qigong, Chronic Pain, Brain Health and Balance

August 2, 2014.
FREE to newcomers. Check
Guidelines for Pain Relief for information about how to use tai chi and qigong for relief from chronic pain. Read about private sessions.
Millennium Center, 20 W Main Street, downtown Cortez

Biomechanics and Energy for Taiji and the Movement Arts in Carbondale, CO
Saturday-Sunday, Fall, 2014 (check back for dates on the next seminar, old posters are here for reference)
Detailed posters: May 24 Biomechanics Seminar, May 25 Taiji, Qigong and Energy. Email Susan or Marty.
Check the new Chapter on Power Stretching as well as Tai Chi and Mind-Body Integration in Sports and Martial Arts
and Subtle Energy Body pages to preview the kind of information taught by Susan Matthews in this workshop. Write Susan to receive free streaming access to videos you can watch to prepare for the workshop.
Contact Marty Finkelstein, 970.948.7379, Carbondale, Colorado.

Hi Susan,   [Joe and I] feel very fortunate to attend your workshops.  We learned lots and plan to incorporate these into our daily Tai Chi practice. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise, and your abundant enthusiasm and energy. Pat Davies and Joe Sprick 

Wrap Party
Saturday, (please call for schedule), 1-2:30pm.
Treat yourself and a friend to a wonderful gift of an Herbal Body Wrap treatment. With a foot wrap you can soothe ankle and foot inflammation and pain, reduce swelling, reduce toxicity, mobilize lymphatics and energy. Hand, wrist and arm pain and swelling can also be addressed. Susan will teach some simple qigong plus give a lecture on lymphatics, toxicity, inflammation, joint pain, skin and nutritional solutions. Free Body Balance tasting. Call 970-903-5723 soon to reserve your space. Only $15.

Brain Workshop™ Seminars

Class Contents

Regular Adult Classes in Tai Chi and Qigong - Bagua, Tibetan Qigong, Chen style form, Tong Bei, Lan Shou, Push Hands and much more. Continuing and advanced students attend this class. It's all about energy. Come learn how to build energy for use in health, strength, power, and consciousness. Learn to feel energy (qi) in the physical body, build it, move it, guide it with the mind and make a direct connection to the spiritual.


Read articles below for benefits. Home practice supported with DVDs available through

Sample class contents:
Forms (Tai Chi, Dragon Palm Bagua, Xing-Yi, Lan Shou, Tongbei), drills, qigong, push hands, fighting applications.

Sitting or standing Warm Ups and Abdominal Exercises to increase blood circulation to the internal organs, aid digestion, improve incontinence, exercise the brain, increase mental focus, increase vital energy called qi.
Head and Neck Massage, Meridian Massage, Tuina Techniques
Relaxation and Brain Blood Circulation Meditation/Visualization for internal energy flow.
Power Stretching for internal bone, tendon, ligament restructuring and meridian activation.
Posture Training through structural integration reverses collapsing structure, reduces chronic pain, opens blood circulation.
Balance Training, Fall Prevention
Walking, Biomechanics and Movement Retraining.
Moving with music, rhythm, and simple dance is enormous fun!