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brain tai chi exercise for stroke ms  parkinsons

Brain Workshop

~ Learn The Art of Using Your Whole Brain
~ Improve Balance and Memory ~ Prevent Falls
~ Heal Brain Injury ~ Reverse Aging
~ Use Mind-Body Integration for Higher Consciousness
~ Dance with Power and Grace
~ Advanced Training for Patients and Caregivers, Tai Chi, Movement Specialists and Therapists.

Current Schedule


Susan Matthews is a neuroscientist who has designed Brain Workshop training based on her personal research in spinal cord development, stroke, retina, neuroendocrinology (brain hormones), and dopamine neurophysiology (Parkinsons), as well as on current scientific evidence-based practices. Matthews is an anatomist, biomechanist, and a 30-year Chinese Internal Martial Arts (tai chi/qigong) practitioner and teacher.

Brain Workshop™ Seminars are offered nationally. If you would like to sponsor a Brain Workshop seminar with Susan Matthews please email Susan Matthews at

Brain Workshop™ videos are available for home practice. Read this description to learn more about the workshop. This video is now available to stream directly to your computer!

Private Consultation via Skype and Private Retreats may be a good fit for those not in the local Four Corners Area.

tai chi retreatConsider the ultimate retreat for brain rehabilitation, the Wisdom Path Tibetan Cranial and Tai Chi Structural Integration Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica with Geraldine Menez and Susan Matthews. Also visit Geraldine's pages for detailed information. Have you dreamed about transformation?

Workshop Contents: (Please follow links for more details and watch the two video clips below for workshop contents)

Part 1- Dynamics of the Spine
Central Equilibrium Balance Training. You will receive a FREE Brain Visualization DVD and a FREE Balance Visualization DVD. Watch the video below for balance training results. Watch the video below to learn the Five Key Elements for Neuroplasticity.
Hip and Spine Biomechanics. Walking.
Learn movement biomechanics that allow better posture. Methods provide long-term rehabilitation for mobility disorders, brain injury, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, fall prevention.

Part 2- Mental Practice
Stress Reduction and Relaxation Practices, Mindfulness Training, Head and Neck Blood Circulation Exercises.
Help for depression. Improve Sleep. Improve Memo
ry. Practices to Integrate Mind, Physical Movement, and Energy.
Learn powerful, yet simple, tools and exercises for relaxation and stress reduction. This training is critical for increasing blood and energy circulation to the brain and for changing the physiological stress response in the nervous system towards relaxation and mental stability. Benefits mental state, memory, heals past trauma, PTSD.
Learn how to use movement as a meditation to repair brain injury.
Also learn essential nutrition for the brain.

Why does tai chi work? Watch this 5-minute video showing how a person can improve balance better than normal.

larger version


What are the important components of a tai chi program or any exercise program for stability and balance? Watch this 10-minute video on Five Key Elements for Neuroplasticity. Learn how to exercise to maximally activate the brain to repair, change and grow. larger version



For current schedule of workshops and trainings in Southwestern Colorado, Las Vegas, Santa Fe, Laguna Beach, CA, and Wilmington, NC, email or call:
Susan Matthews at 970-903-5723,

Single Registration generally $95 full day/ $65 half day.
Professional Development: Participants may receive Certification for Brain Workshop™ Clinic for Neural Rehabilitation and are eligible for CE Hours (8). Another link to 10-minute Brain Workshop Intro.

Testimonials from participants!

Multiple Sclerosis and Brain Workshop


It is difficult to find words adequate to describe the depth of my gratitude to you. You gave of your time, your energy, your compassion, your wisdom 100% yesterday, to such an extent that it seems to me as if that aspect of yourself who taught me is forever with me. I am profoundly grateful for what you have shown and given me - and how flat those words fall next to the actual experience. Gerry, too, was transformed by hope and thankfulness yesterday, and in fact both of us were moved to tears on the drive home. You are a healer and teacher in the deepest sense of those words.

Today I am in no pain whatsoever, and am still walking better - though I have not practiced yet today. My tiredness last night was delicious and normal - no fatigue or exhaustion, just a sense of pleasant glowing accomplishment and readiness for rest. You were so right yesterday when you said that we had pushed through to a new level - for me, it represented the "forced evolution" that comes from walking a genuine spiritual path: the sensations and new information were slow to process by the time the afternoon tai chi class started, but by sitting and absorbing, watching and feeling, the integration process began and will never stop - it is a dynamo.

BRAIN TAI CHI EXERCISEThank you and bless you always, Susan.


After being diagnosed with Parkinson's (experiencing tremor, fatigue, balance issues and sleep issues) over a year and a half ago, I started working with Susan and Brain Workshop exercises.

I can say today that, rather than progressing in symptoms, I am not progressing. My doctor is thrilled. Balance is not an issue! I use Susan's breathing and meditation techniques for getting back to sleep at night, and I can quiet my tremor to a great degree.

Instead of stiffening, my body is moving and becoming more flexible than it has ever been in all my 64 years. My spine has become straight again! I am opening up rather than closing down. I will continue to practice this method for the rest of my life and tell my friends.

Thank You , Joseph


"Susan came to an ongoing group in Leland, where we live, and led us in a one-hour class. We found her knowledge of anatomy and style of working with energy and body movement so appealing that we invited her to our home for a private session. We now regularly use two of her DVD's for practice. And we are so pleased and excited that she is returning for a full day!"B & V

Hello Susan,
I want to thank you and the staff of the White Oak Institute for the seminar on Saturday. The wealth of information was a blessing. The DVDs are useful in helping my wife and I put new life into our long time practice of Tai Chi Chih and also to enjoy the new form you presented at the end of the workshop. Again, I thank you for coming to Asheville. All the best! Roger Wheelock


Head and Neck Qigong Exercise, Massage, Visualization and Movement Therapy tools that vastly improve blood circulation to the brain:

Qigong Practice DVDHead and neck qigong and relaxation exercises, massage and visualizations serve many purposes. Foremost is to provide an abundant blood supply to the brain to deliver nutrients and regulatory chemicals and improve lymphatic circulation to remove waste and accumulated toxins. Qigong, mindfulness training, uses powerful relaxation visualizations to improve oxygen and energy to the brain, eyes and ears. The visualizations activate the parasympathetic system to induce relaxation, increase mental focus, and increase vital energy called qi. Movement Therapy includes upper body spine, neck and shoulder loosening through relaxation. Sitting in chair exercises include abdominal exercises that increase blood circulation to the internal organs, aid digestion, improve incontinence, relaxation, digestion and sleep. Head and Neck Qigong exercises are provided on Energy Gathering and Blood Circulation Qigong DVD with Susan Matthews, MS, ND. This Qigong video is an excellent home practice aid for any age or ability. Exercises directly stimulate the immune system, internal organs, brain, lymph and blood circulation, skin circulation, and energy flow in the meridians. Great for detoxification of the tissues. Link to video clip, more information and to order.

is one of the most effective and exciting movement and
brain training available.
Learn More

Sri vanderKroef Tai Chi DancerDancing with Chi™ combines Tai Chi and Brain Workshop™ with powerful and graceful movement, in a powerful exercise program designed to maximize and integrate physical health, rehabilitation, energetic and spiritual well-being. Prevent falling by learning how to move and how to use your mind. A fun way to retain or regain the vigor of youth, the program addresses many of the conditions of aging and can be used to alter the progression of disease. We specialize in Movement Disorders, Parkinson's, Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Neuropathy. Dance and move, think and feel chi as energy, for better balance, strength, flexibility, mobility, brain health, circulation, digestive health, incontinence. Excellent tools offer powerful training supplements for any person teaching other forms of exercise. Join us in a journey that empowers with new ways to think and move through life. A new way to think and move becomes a powerful force to healthy holistic function.....learn more

Part 1- Dynamics of the Spine
Central Equilibrium Balance Training.
Hip and Spine Biomechanics.

Part 2- Mental Practice
Stress Reduction and Relaxation Practices. Help for depression.
Improve Sleep. Improve Memory. Practices to Integrate Mind, Physical Movement, and Energy.

Part 3- Dancing With Chi
Have fun moving with music and dance, no experience required. Learn revolutionary biomechanics and internal movement principles involved in synchronicity, rhythmicity, and bilaterality for harmony in mind and body. Walking training included.