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2010 China International Martial Arts Camp with George Xu and Beijing Masters

December 9-23, 2010· Beijing, China
George Xu Home Page
China Camp 2010 Title Page and Program

The China Camp 2007 Video Project DVDs


Hurry to register, only TWO spaces left.

Cost $2,600 USD (~1900 EUR)- 15 days, includes 10 full training days, all trips, transportation, food and hotels from your arrival on Dec 9 to December 22. Everybody buys their own airplane tickets to Beijing. Cost for a spouse who is not training is $1900 USD (~1400 EUR) (limit 10 families).

For all attendees, remaining balance to be paid in full by October 1, 2010. If there are any unforeseen political events that would cancel the program, your funds will be refunded. Please calculate all exchange rates to US dollars.

Steps to Register (updated Sept. 10, 2010)

1. You may call George Xu 415-664-4578, email or email to find out the current situation regarding last minute registration. 
George Xu, 4309 Lincoln Way, San Francisco, CA 94122 Phone: 415-664-4578 or cell 415-407-2199

2. Email with your email contact information for last minute announcements. You must email or mail George Xu your arrival and departure flight information. Click here to go to the Registration Form and print or email.   

3. Pay remaining US$1200 balance(total $2600 including deposit) by Oct 1, 2010. Please send remaining payments as soon as possible; contact George with any questions or concerns. Send these payments via wire transfer to the following bank account. Please make sure the transfer fee is not deducted from the payment. You can also transfer the money via Western Union; call or fax George the password number and he will relay this to Rui Kang Zhuang. Make these payments to Rui Kang Zhuang. You need the SWIFT number to do a wire transfer.

Zhuang, Rui-Kang
Account #4039602-007000-900026648
Bank of China
Shanghai, Kang Ding Branch
Shanghai City, Jiang Ning Road, No 631
zip 200040

Rui-Kang Zhuang
hang Ting Road #399, Room A06
Shanghai, China

n addition, mail George information about payments you have made.

4. FLIGHTS- GEORGE SAYS IT'S TIME TO BUY YOUR AIRLINE TICKETS! YOU SHOULD TRY TO BUY THIS MONTH. . You must email or mail George Xu your arrival and departure flight information.
(at least Dec. 10-30) can be obtained as late as October.

George offers these travel agencies to help:

Xin Hou Travel-- 415-379-7388

All Inclusive Travel-- 415-566-7961

Super Time Travel-- 415-668-6166

Rich Travel and Tourist Inc-- 415-386-2223

Travel Hotline-- 415-956-1122

For the visa application, our hotel is:

Lang Fang Dragon Hotel
Yong Xin Road #88
Lang Fang City

You will be picked up at the airport upon arrival on the 9th and transported back on the day of departure. If you arrive on another date, call the hotel or call one of the following numbers at any time for help. Keep these numbers with you during your trip. Call for help if you get lost.

Zhao Ya Jun 1393-1680-919
Wu Ji 1381-8415-105
Wu Wen Wei 1391-7788-066

If you have registered from a country other than the U.S., you are probably in contact with a leader from that country already and they should help guide you regarding visas. You can also write Susan for help or go to the website to find a Vice President from your country who can help you, or you can call George. From the United States, you can get a visa online from the Chinese Embassy in San Francisco or see below. Contact George Xu with any problems. Bring this program to apply for a visa. You must have 6 months available on passport and one passport picture. You also can call San Francisco Chinese Embassy to get information. You will receive an application in the information packet. Visas should be obtained approximately 2 months before the trip. Call a travel agent if you need help. You can bring a copy of the itinerary on this website and you will also need the hotel information to use as the contact location in China. 

General info about visas from the US:
You will use the hotel information for the person you are visiting on the visa application.
The Chinese visa fee is ~$110. 
Some people have found success ordering their visa online.
Visa from San Francisco:
Form download:
Call George if you have any questions about travel or if you experience problems with your payments. Write George or call with any special conditions you may have.  Call him if you want help contacting Chinese business partners or suppliers. 

5. Private Rooms: Accommodations are for double occupancy. You can request a roommate. Private rooms are an additional $340 total. Send this directly to George with your request. You can request a queen bed. Send money for private rooms directly to George. Payment option will be provided later.

The hotel has a laundry. The hotels have business centers with email and fax systems. Bring  traveler's checksthe hotel can exchange for Chinese currency. Phone cards can be purchased.

You should do your own research on vaccinations. Lonely Planet has resources. An excellent site is Travelers Medical and Vaccination Centre also has a lot of information.  Everyone should check  and

6. You will need to stay up-to-date by checking this website. You will be able to arrange additional training after the camp, approximate fees: $25-35/hour private, $120/month group class. Shopping a lot of fun. Bring extra money for shopping.

7.  Participants will receive a certificate for attending 2010 China International Martial Arts Camp- an intensive training opportunity with China's highest level masters. 

You will be invited to membership in WACIMA along with the trainers at this camp–this is born out of friendship and cooperation. Ten countries will be represented at this camp. This is intended to be a be a high level teaching credential which can be used on résumés or to position your school. Traditional internal martial arts training has no "black belt" system. This certification may help those teachers who are working in hospitals and other programs, or for applying for grants or other funding. This training is a news event around which you can build an article featuring you or your school in your local newspaper.

Save all your receipts for money exchange, hotel transactions, everything. Tap water is not drinkable except in some of the hotels. All hotel rooms are supplied with a thermos of boiled water, to make tea or drink as you wish.