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George Xu presents workshops in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California
(see International Schedule for dates)

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

George Xu Energy Secrets: Chen, Xing-yi, Bagua, Qigong secrets, higher levels of internal power called pure internal moving external and moving enemy; how to make your internal energy large; how to purify your neijing. Wu dang qigong.

Call George for 2018 Schedule
George Xu in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Master George Xu will teach Ling Kong Shen Shi Men's many secrets for Martial Arts Progress from Snake to Dragon to Whirlwind Arts
1. Body Art, 2. Internal Art (small emptiness), 3. Space Art (Large emptiness), 4."Five Nobody Can" Theory, 5. “Six Pure" Theory, 6. "Five Super Power" Theory, 7. "Seven Wins" Theory, 8. Seven Steps Training, plus some Taiji, Xing Yi form and two person training, and push hands.
Sat., 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.; $100.
Contact: George Xu at 415-664-4578
4309 Lincoln Way, San Francisco, CA 94122
Meet early at 4309 Lincoln Way between 44th & 45th Ave., San Francisco or at Spreckle's Lake at 9:00am

To register send check or money order to George Xu at 4309 Lincoln Way, San Francisco, CA 94122
Call 415-664-4578 for more information.

Master George Xu 
Workshop in Southwestern Colorado
Durango, Cortez

Friday - Sunday, July 20-22, 2018
Taiji * Xing-Yi * Lan Shou * Qigong * Energy

As always we will learn high-level internal secrets. We will practice Taiji, Lan Shou, and Xing-Yi Intermediate and Advanced Internal Principles.
You can expect detailed mind-energy-physical information rarely offered by Chinese masters. Many seminar attendees are teachers and 15+ years, so it is a great investment in high level training and practice.
There will be a lot of two-person training, pushing, applications at this workshop.

Durango Tai Chi, Shanti School of Taijiquan
Registration and Details
Contact: Tim Richard 970-749-0891, Susan Matthews 970-903-5723

Chinese Internal Martial Arts Intensive Training Camp with George Xu
September 24-29, 2018 (Monday-Saturday)

Sonoma Mountain Zen Center, Santa Rosa, California, USA

Master George Xu has hosted this awesome week-long taiji camp for twenty years; this year in beautiful Sonoma County, California. The Zen Center is situated on 80 acres of rolling hills and mountainous land, located 11 miles from the town of Santa Rosa. He is an excellent teacher and one of the rare, high-level masters sharing internal secrets openly.

Master George Xu

Full Camp Information. Tuition: $680. Includes room and board and camp t-shirt. Register and pay in full by July 15, limited enrollment. Send $100 non-refundable deposit by June 1.

Register Now! Call George

For More Information and to register call George Xu at 415-664-4578, 415-407-2199 email

Full camp schedule and more information.

George Xu Defines His System in Chinese Martial Arts

george xu videoGeorge Xu Ling Kong Shen Shi Men (with Subtitles)

This double-video set of Ling Kong Shen Shi Men LECTURE and EXERCISES from Master Xu Guo Ming (George) represent his most complete elucidation of a system of Chinese martial art that encompasses his predator theory, yet goes beyond. These two volumes, comprising 2.5 hours of lecture, testing, demonstration and follow along single, basic exercises (57 minutes) build upon last year's release, Superior Power in Chinese Martial Arts. However, this is the first time Master Xu has give his system its name of Ling Kong Shen Shi Men. As he says in the beginning of the video, "Ling is traveling. Kong is empty in space. My force is traveling in the space. Shen is spiritual, mental. Shi is potential, invisible, indirect, force. Shi is not jing."

Master Xu explains what all of these concepts mean in his lecture, filmed in a studio setting with good lighting and sounds. Then in our Exercise video, he leads workshop practitioners, in single, basics to help them train for the essential goals in his system. Those include dead arms, dragon body, internal goes before external, nei jing, an jing, hua jing, the five powers and the four emptinesses.

You won't get form in these lessons, or a lot of technique. As Master Xu says, ""If you understand all of the four emptinesses, technique is useless." Other quotes from him that you'll hear in this footage include, "My maximum attacks your minimum." "Melt the jing, become the si into the space energy." Watch and listen closely to Master Xu's lecture and exercise lessons often and begin to absorb this very unique, effective information from one of Chinese martial arts master practitioners known for his open teaching. He wants practitioners to "get it" and enthusiastically shares all he can to foster understanding in his students.

$59.95 DVD + Shipping
$59.95 Streaming


Founding member of the World Association of Chinese Internal Martial Arts

Master George XuMaster George Xu



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