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Xing-Yi on Video: George Xu - Qian Zhao Hong

Qian Zhao Hong videoQian Zhao Hong video George Xu Summer Camp '04 with Qian Zhao Hong, 10 Animal/6 Harmony Xingyiquan Training. Two-Volume set. Part One, 69 min., includes Introductions, Chen Form, Xingyi Form, Lecture, Qigong. Part Two, 49 min., includes Basics with both Master Xu and Qian, Walking Drills, Application Demonstrations, and Poses in Silks. Both include easy navigational buttons to jump to whatever section you want to view. Both videos for $39.95.

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Summer Camp '04 contains comprehensive lecture and demonstration by Masters Xu and Qian. Both demo their forms and single move walking drills and basic exercises. Master Qian does a little qigong with the participants in the camp, as well. This is a good all-around video with a little of everything that you can follow along with and get some core information about Master Qian's superb fighting style and experience.

Hi Susan. Thank you very much. Not just beautiful movement by two great masters, but beautiful visual quality, also! Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa, have a great week.  

Qian Zhao Hong videoQian Zhao Hong Lecture on 10 Animal Xing-Yi Quan. Qian Zhao Hong Lectures on 10 Animal Xing-Yi Quan at China Camp 2007. He discusses the breadth of gongfu: qigong, basic principles, chi, dantien location, the integration of health and internal martial arts practice and even a little history of the Chinese culture. It's interesting and fun to listen to Master Qian mix English words with his Mandarin, as though they were not two separate languages at all. Translated by Bruce Bolden. Length: 53:35 min.$24.95. (video is darker on this clip than on DVD)

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Qian Zhao Hong

Master Qian Zhao Hong was one of the best Xing Yi fighters in China: member of Shanghai Wu Shu Association, Vice Chairman of Institute of Shanghai Pa-Kua, Vice Chairman of Institute of Shanghai Wu Dong Qigong, and Highest level- Ninth Generation of Xin Yi Liu He Quan (10 Animal Xing Yi). He defeated more than 50 masters, earning his nickname "Chainsaw."  His specialty was wild ring fighting. He had a strong presence/electric field around him, a legendary fighter. His style was that every inch he moved and every point on his body was a fist attacking you, every time. When he was young, if his defense touched your arm, your arm would break, his kick would break your leg. If his finger touched your body, you go to hospital. He is the most respected and undefeated master. He teaught Xing Yi 10 Animal basics, internal art, hip loose/open, Xing Yi form and fighting principles, and Wu Dong Qigong.







Li Tian Wei videoLi Tian Wei Lecture on Xing-Yi Liu He (Six Harmony). Li Tian Wei Lectures on Xing-Yi Liu He (Six Harmony). Master Li discusses in personal terms his approach to the study and living of martial arts as a personal journey and a wholistic philosophy. He demonstrates selected Xingyi moves to punctuate his discussion. Master Li is also a watercolor artist whose works were displayed at China Camp. Translated by Liping Zhu. Length-18:30 min.$19.95

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Tai Chi Video George XuTai Chi Video George XuMaster George Xu: The Universal Principle of Yin-Yang in the Practice of Qigong, Baguazhang, and Xingyi Basics

This 2-Volume set contains qigong, single drills, bagua form, and a comprehensive set of xing-yi single animal forms and variations. You can use each as a standalone training video. He delineates practical applications of the yin-yang principle in depth in Part 1 Lecture Qigong and Taijiquan Basics and Yin-Yang Universal Law introduced by Xu presents numerous concepts that he has not publicized before and in several cases articulates it even more precisely than he has in past sessions. Among these concepts is the yin-yang universal principle that, as Master Xu explains, applies to all forms of martial arts in China. There are 300 styles of martial arts in China whose disciples are searching for secrets and claim that theirs is the “best.” But Master Xu says that for him the taijiquan principle of yin-yang is the one concept that unites them all. The thread that weaves through all internal martial arts is that of yin-yang. If you understand this then you have the answer that many have sought for ages, Master Xu says. The interplay between yin and yang applies to physical and energy including Heavy/Light, Soft/Hard, Full/ Empty, In/Out, Left/Right, Feminine/Masculine, and so on. At the same time, yin is always contained within yang and vice versa and the resultant combined force created is superior. Xu explains yin yang principles in dantien, qigong, spiral force, predator force, and earth power.

Part 2 begins with 12 minutes of Dragon Baguazhang Step-By-Step Form Practice which breaks down the form into 8 sections repeated 3 times each. Then the entire Dragon Palm is repeated twice slowly.
Part 3 Xing-Yi Basics with Application of Yin Yang Principle is presented in ‘rainy day’ stationary movement drills. George leads over 30 drills with side power, front attack power, diagonal attack power, head attack, up/down attack and how yin yang applies in these situations. The consistent use of shrinking expanding is emphasized. George discusses the development of yin yang as a progression of physical, qi energy, and spiritual control as the practitioner moves through snake body, dragon body, and tornado spirit. George finishes this video with a discussion of the advantages of training taiji, bagua, and/or xing-yi. Filmed at Cortez, Colorado workshop hosted by Susan A. Matthews, the founder of Shanti School of Taijiquan. Produced by P. Tim Richard of (1hr 40 min each, $59.95 Set). See more at Dragon Journal Blog

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Jiang Bao KangJiang Bao Kang on 12 Animal Xing-Yi Quan. Jiang Bao Kang Lectures on 12 Animal Xing-Yi Quan. Master Jian begins by confessing that he is not a good speaker, then gives a most honest review of his personal history and his teachers and demonstrates a Bagua form and a Xing-Yi dragon form.Very inspiring and fun. As one of his students says, "He's the 'real deal.'"Translated by Liping Zhu. Length-20:41 minutes $19.95.

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China Camp Form DemosnstrationsChina Camp Form DemonstrationsChina Camp '07 Form Demonstrations. Forty-six martial artists from several disciplines and locations in China, USA, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Denmark perform their forms in this prestigious event. Names and styles are provided in titles of each performance, so you get to know who these accomplished martial artists are. See below to view list of names and styles. These DVDs are good additions to martial art instruction libraries for owners and operators of schools and businesses (martial art, as well as tai chi for health groups, qigong, etc.) and all who work to preserve Chinese internal martial arts practices and principles. Length: Disc One - 69 minutes; Disk Two - 61 min. 40 sec. $39.95, plus S&H. Click Here to view more clips.

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China Camp '07 Demonstrations Part One

1. Jim Lauderdale, USA, musical performance
2. Flavio Danielle, Italy, Chen Style
3. Gu Long Fa, China, Chen Style
4. Liping Julia Zhu, USA, Taoist dragon form
5. Li Xiao Long, China, Chang Style Taijiquan
6. Gao Rui, Shanghai, Bagua
7. Volker Jung, Germany, Liu He Ba Fa
8. He You Shen, China, Wu Style Broadsword
9. Dou Yong, China, Chen Style
10. Chen Hang Jin, China, Taiji 13-Posture, Sword Form
11. Wang Shu Gene student (name unknown), China, Xingyi Six Harmony
12. Jiang Bao Kang, Shanghai, 12-Animal Xingyi
13. Zhao Ya Jun, Beijing, Wuxing Tong Bei Quan
14. Yu Fu Tao, Quangzhou, China, Cotton Palm
15. Zheng Chen Wei, China, Chen Style Taiji Sword
16. Liu Bao Yu, Shanghai, Push hands
17. Ru Dong Fu, Shanghai, Lan Shou
18. Cai Bo Qing, China, San Xi Xingyi Tiger Style
19. David Leung, USA, Wing Chun

China Camp '07 Demonstrations Part Two

1. Qin Mei Fang, China, Chen Style
2. Xu Guo Fa, China, Wu Style Sword
3. Qian Zhao Hong and Bruce Bolden, Shanghai & USA, Xingyi Push hands
4. Zhang Qi Xiang, China, Wang Zhong Hong Style Taijiquan
5. Wang Tong, Shanghai, Bagua Sword
6. Ji Ah Dong, Shanghai, Yang Style Push Hands
7. Wu Mao Gui, Shanghai, Tong Bei Quan
8. Wu Ji, Shanghai, Lan Shou
9. Li Tian Wei, China, Xingyi Six Harmony
10. Zhang Zhong Yen, China, Yang Style Sword
11. Dong Qian Li, China, Lan Shou
12. Yun Yen Sin, Shanghai, Liu He Ba Fa Ball
13. Susan Matthews, USA, Chen Style
14. Shun Chen Zhi, Hunan, Dragon Style Miao Broadsword
15. Xu Guo Chang & Wang Ren Li, Shanghai, Wu Style form and Push Hands.
16. Hu Yao Fong, China, Yang Hu Taijiquan
17. Zhu Yu Chen, China, Hebei Province Style Xingyi
18. Guiliana Romanisio, Italy, Karate
19. Lu Ying Liang, Shanghai, Eagle Fist
20. Qian Shi Yen, China, Bagua Double Broadsword
21. Hang (rest of name unknown), China, Sword
22. Roberto Benetti, Italy, Chen Style Sword
23. Name not known, Anhui Province, China, Ba Ji Style
24. Lu Zhi Liang, Shanghai, Yang Style