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The Lan Shou System George Xu - Wu Ji - Ye Xiao Long

Videos are now available to learn the first form in the Lan Shou System (technically, Cao Chuan set), plus two-person Applications, many drills, and Lan Shou Broadsword. One of the most valuable training from the Lan Shou System is power stretching. We have added a new page dedicated to power stretching.Please check it out.

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Master Ye Xiao Long the King of Power Stretching

ye xiao longMaster Ye Xiao Long Power Stretching Postures

Ye Xiao Long demonstrates amazing flexibility as a result of practicing power stretching. Many many hip and leg stretch postures are demonstrated. Master Ye also demonstrates Yang Style Form. Master Ye's thin frame belies his considerable bone-tendon-ligament power developed from power stretching. This arclhival footage came from Master George Xu Library. 10:53 min. This Volume is included in Spiral Anatomy™.


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Ye Xiao LongYe Xiao Long and George Xu Workshop: Lan Shou and Power Stretching Essentials Telluride 1998

Lan Shou Quan Essentials with Ye Xiao Long and George Xu documents the Power Stretching and Lan Shou Workshop in Telluride, Colorado, 1998. Video has rare footage of Ye Xiao Long. Both Chen and Lan Shou forms are practiced as well as two person drills and push hands where power stretching and the value of greater range of motion through power stretching is emphasized. Great footage of Master Ye. Archival footage, digitized from VHS so some quality is lost. 40 min. $19.95


Lan Shou Form videoThe Lan Shou Form- Master George Xu

George Xu commits the Lan Shou System to video: The Lan Shou Form, technically Cao Quan First Form, with Master George Xu presents detailed teaching repetitions of all four sections of the form. Also included are two demonstrations of the form by Master Xu, an 8-minute Lan Shou Qigong exercise similar to "Standing in Stillness," 10 moving drills, plus a special demonstration of the form by Grandmaster Ye Xiao Long atop Lizard Head Pass near Telluride, Colorado, USA. The video is great for all levels of practice. Beginning students can learn the sequences and advanced students can learn subtle details. U.S. Price: $49.95
The Lan Shou Form DVD contains features to make learning Lan Shou easier. Many internal martial art videos don't give such detail. Scene Selection options let you click on one of 9 sections. Go straight to Qigong, view one of three demonstrations, or just Play Movie and watch the hour-long video all the way through. Teaching Form Sections 1-4 are clear and easy to follow. Master Xu performs each sequence of moves (20) three times or more in two directions. Names of individual postures are given on the screen to further help.$49.95 plus S&H.

DVD + shipping


Lan Shou Video

Lan Shou Applications and Lan Shou Broadsword is really two instructional videos in one video. This video is a great supplement to The Lan Shou Form.

Lan Shou Applications shows Master Xu performing movements of the form, followed by a demonstration of several variations of application of the movement with a senior student. Lan Shou Broadsword contains step-by-step teaching repetitions of broadsword sequences. Master Xu repeats each movement up to three times. Filmed at Spreckles Lake, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. 78-minutes. Time code appears in upper right corner, but is not too intrusive.

Two instructional videos in one for $24.95

DVD + shipping


Lan Shou videoMaster Wu Ji Lan Shou Lessons, with Grandmaster Qin Zhong Bao. Two-DVD set.

Part One includes a demonstration of the cao quan section of the Lan Shou form, basic move drills, including walking drills, application demonstrations, and a few standing qigong exercises with Grandmaster Qin. English translation by Poh Kheng Loi and David Leung. 69 minutes.

Part Two: Master Wu Ji Lan Shou Muscle-Tendon Stretching Exercises. This 35-minute video is a review of stretching exercises that Master Wu Ji taught as part of the Lan Shou system training during China Camp '07. The exercises are grouped together for easy follow-along learning. Translated by Poh Kheng Loi. Length-35:27 min. Two-videos: $39.95.

DVD + shipping

Lan Shou with Wu Ji

Master Wu Ji Lan Shou Lecture

Discussion and demonstration of principles and techniques of the Lan Shou system. Very application-oriented. "Sink the qi and raise the shen," is one of the many succinct, to-the-point statements that Master Wu makes in this presentation in his typical good-natured and non-judgmental manner. Translated into English by Master George Xu. Length: 59:24 min.$24.95

DVD + shipping

Master Wu Ji · Shi Chuan Wumei Mountain Lan Shou Shaolin

Master Wu Ji was in China’s special army where he defeated all other specialists. His nickname is "Copper Skin-Iron Bone Man" and is one of the best fighters. He teaches whole body unified power, body conditioning, Chinese 23 fighting principles, two man fighting training, Shaolin fundamental fighting basics, single line exercise training, six direction power, and power stretch. WuJi passes on this system from his teacher Qin Zhong Bao.

WuJi Qin Zhong Bao

Tai Chi demonstrationsTai Chi demonstrationsChina Camp '07 Form Demonstrations.

Forty-six martial artists from several disciplines and locations in China, USA, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Denmark perform their forms in this prestigious event. Names and styles are provided in titles of each performance, so you get to know who these accomplished martial artists are. Click Here to view list of names and styles. These videos are good additions to martial art instruction libraries for owners and operators of schools and businesses (martial art, as well as tai chi for health groups, qigong, etc.) and all who work to preserve Chinese internal martial arts practices and principles. Length: Vol One - 69 minutes; Vol Two - 61 min. 40 sec. $39.95, plus S&H. Watch Wu Ji Lan Shou Demonstration below. .Click Here to view list of names and styles.

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