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Susan Matthews Tai Chi and Qigong MasterSusan A. MatthewsSusan Matthews Tai Chi and Qigong Master

Susan A. Matthews, M.S., N.D. has been practicing and teaching Taijiquan, Qigong, and Spirituality for 40 years. Her internal martial arts training is enhanced by over 20 years of study and research in the biomedical sciences, including Neuroscience, Anatomy, Physiology, Neuroendocrinology, and Neurochemistry, as well as a large number of Naturopathic healing technologies.  

Dr. Matthews' students benefit greatly from a rare integration of Western scientific and Oriental energetics. She credits her strong Taijiquan training with her masters and grandmasters, along with a deep knowledge and application of human anatomy and neuroscience, for her ability to so effectively enable her students and clients to improve their own health and longevity.

Dr. Matthews earned a Masters degree from the Department of Cell and Neurobiology at The University of Southern California where her primary research was in dopamine neuron electrophysiology for stem cell replacement therapy in Parkinson's Disease. In her work within the Department of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, she focused on neural circuitry in the developing spinal cord and is developing a computer model for the circuitry involved in synchronized movement. She also studied the processes of neural regeneration after stroke. These efforts refined her techniques using Tai Chi for neurorehabilitation and specialty in movement disorders. Dr. Matthews earned her Master's degree in Anatomy and Neuroendocrinogy at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, and has also earned baccalaureate degrees in both Molecular Biology and Anthropology/Archaeology. Her Masters thesis in pineal gland neuroendocrinology, melatonin biochemistry, and circadian rhythms was conducted in the laboratory of internationally acclaimed researcher Russel J. Reiter, Ph.D. 

Susan Matthews Tai Chi and Qigong Master Dr. Matthews is a Master Teacher of Chinese Internal Martial Arts, Founder, Shanti School of Taijiquan, Internal Martial Arts Research Institute in the Four Corners area of Colorado, since 1990. She specializes in movement disorders, neurorehabilitation, women's health, biomechanics, chronic pain, aging and nutrition.

Brain Workshop™ seminars focus on neurorehabilitation after stroke, Parkinson’s, and with aging and frailty (balance, bone strength, circulation, stress reduction). Current evidence resulting from brain imaging studies and other research in the neurosciences is presented in conjunction with the biomechanical principles, strength, and meditation techniques of internal martial arts.

She presents Spiral Anatomy™ seminars nationally, specializing in high performance biomechanics and synchronized movement training for Tai Chi, equestrian riding, mountain biking and skiing. She presents specialized seminars and classes in Tai Chi for women’s health, seniors, arthritis, chronic diseases (MS, fibromyalgia) and chronic pain. Served as a developer of community programs for senior health and fitness in Durango, Colorado and now is involved in similar programs for Montezuma County, Colorado. Over the last fifteen years Dr. Matthews has developed and taught professionals her own Spiral Anatomy™ Orthopedic Integration Therapy for chronic pain based on Taiji principles of natural movement.

Advisory Board Member by invitation of the American Tai Chi Association  on Tai Chi and Consumer Health Information 2003-present.
Elected by a 12-country federation to serve as United States Vice President for The Worldwide Association for Chinese Internal Martial Arts (WACIMA). She has been awarded Master Instructor-level teaching certification under the auspices of this international association during China Camp 2004, 2007 and 2010, Shanghai. Susan is responsible for web marketing and communications for this international event.
Susan has also been awarded Go Dan, 5th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor, 2007, in the TAI System of Martial Arts. TAI Martial Arts Association, White Oak Institute, Asheville, N.C., U.S.

Susan has produced instructional videos including "Mind and Energy Movement in Taijquan," "Blood Circulation and Energy Gathering Qigong," "Brain Workshop," "Eight Pieces of Brocade," and "Daily Breast Massage." Shanti School has produced over 50 videos of Chinese Masters. Training and Certification Programs are uniquely designed for the individual practioner.

She studies Chen Taiji & Lan Shou with Master George Xu (San Francisco), and with Wu Taiji Grand Master Wang Hao Da (Shanghai) 1997-2001; Xing-Yi with Qian Zhao Hong (Shanghai), and Yang Style with Wang Zhi Xiang and Yu Xiao Lin (Shanghai); Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Tibetan Medical Qigong and  Tibetan Taijiquan with Robin Murphy, N.D.and with Energyworks Institute. She is currently certified in the Mi Zong School of Medical Qigong.Training and has certification in various manual therapies including Shiatsu, Tuina Massage, Craniosacral Therapy and Structural Integration, and Heart of Spirit Intuitive Healing.

Susan has owned and operated Serai Communication Arts for nearly 35 years as a graphic artist and designer. Her experience in cartography, desktop publishing, book publishing, catalog marketing, web design and marketing, video editing and production, and more recent expansion into cutting-edge e-Learning with Spiral Anatomy™ Online Course is helping her promote the benefits of Taijiquan and Qigong.

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