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Tong Bei with Wu Mao Gui- Shanghai

Tong Bei with Zhao Ya Jun- Beijing


Zhao Ya Jun video tongbeiZhao Ya Jun video tongbeiTong Bei Training Exercises with Master Zhao Ya Jun,ZHAO_YA_JUN   from Beijing and the Zhonghua Wushu Wuxing Tongbiquan Association.This well-organized, comprehensive early morning practice for loosening and getting structurally connected can benefit anyone no matter what style or system you focus on. Master Zhao Ya Jun is very clear on what hes doing in this comprehensive set exercises from the Tong Bei Quan style of martial arts. Tong Bei is pre-Chen style taijiquan that emphasizes developing power on the back and using the arms more efficiently. In this three-DVD set, Master Zhao leads single-move drills that loosen the upper body and strengthen the lower. Follow along a few minutes, or a whole hour, at a time, as simple single moves progress to more complex: from loosening wrist joints, elbows, shoulders, hips, etc. to whole-body combinations. Throughout, Master Zhao gives numerous pointers on how to perform the moves more precisely and he demonstrates applications. The set also includes an excellent translation by Master David Leung who participates with Master Zhao in demonstrating moves and explaining details. Videotaped at the Tian Lun Hotel in San Qing Shan, Jiangxi Province, China. Lengths: Early Morning Workout Vol. 1, 59 min.; Vol. 2 - 85 min.; Vol 3 - 75 mins, totaling nearly 4 hours: $30 per single volume, $69.95 for all three, plus S&H.

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Wu Mao Gui video tong bei

Wu Mao Gui Lecture on He Yi Tong Bei. Master Wu discusses the importance of precision in executing form and the difference between "he" tong bei quan and "tongbiquan" and other internal martial arts. He shares his personal history and how he started martial arts as a boy and how after years of training he realized what it is to be internal and soft. Translation by his disciple Michael Belliveau. Length-52:37 min. $24.95

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Chinese Martial Arts Demonstration videoChina Camp 2004 Out Takes

Demonstrations, Exercises and Field Trip Montage. This Video contains demonstrations from China Camp 2004 in Shanghai and Souzhou, China. Traditional Wu with Xu Guo Chang; Wu Style with Wang Hao Da's student, Zang Xie Xing; Lan Shou with Wu Ji; Tong Bei Demo; Chen Style; Liu He Ba Fa with Yun Yin Sen, and more demonstrations. Yang Style Basics and Form with Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang, Tong Bei Style Basics and Form with Wu Mao Gui. Montage of scenes and sounds of our field trips. Includes Scene Selections for easy and quick navigation. Play whole movie or jump to your favorite sections. $24.95

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Chinese Internal Martial Arts Demonstration Video Chinese Internal Martial Arts Demonstration Video China Camp '07 Form Demonstrations.
Forty-six martial artists from several disciplines and locations in China, USA, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Denmark perform their forms in this prestigious event. Names and styles are provided in titles of each performance, so you get to know who these accomplished martial artists are. Click Here to view list of names and styles. These DVDs are good additions to martial art instruction libraries for owners and operators of schools and businesses (martial art, as well as tai chi for health groups, qigong, etc.) and all who work to preserve Chinese internal martial arts practices and principles. Length: Disc One - 69 minutes; Disk Two - 61 min.. $39.95. Watch Wu Ji Lan Shou Demonstration here (1:39) and Lu Zhi Liang below (Yang Style, 4:32)
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