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Master Yun Yin Sen from Shanghai, China teaches Liu He Ba Fa

Yun Yin SenYun Yin Sen


Yun Yin Sen

Yun Yin Sen at George Xu Summer Camp 2006.
Master Yun Teaches Liu He Ba Fa, Primordial Qigong, and Push Hands at this week-long Summer Camp with George Xu in the beautiful coastal redwoods near San Francisco (La Honda). Yun performs the Water Boxing LHBF set with continuous commentary by George Xu who speaks intelligently on the issue of CMA as "quiet" martial arts. This is followed by a very distilled discussion and demonstration of Primordial Qigong which concentrates on bringing Qi outward more than Dan Tian driven styles.Yun performs first movement of primordial qigong on clip. 50 min. $29.95

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China Camp videoChina Camp 2004 Out Takes: Demos and Field Trip Montage
This DVD contains demonstrations from China Camp 2004 in Shanghai and Souzhou, China. Traditional Wu with Xu Guo Chang; Wu Style with Wang Hao Da'stop student, Zang Xie Xing; Lan Shou with Wu Ji; Tong Bei Demo; Chen Style; Liu He Ba Fa with Yun Yin Sen, and more demonstrations. Yang Style Basics and Form with Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang, Tong Bei Style Basics and Form with Wu Mao Gui. Montage of scenes and sounds of our field trips. Includes Scene Selections for easy and quick navigation. Play whole movie or jump to your favorite sections. Item #: SS-107 Price $24.95

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Yun Yin SenYun Yin Sen Lecture on Liu He Ba Fa at China Camp 2007
Yun Yin Sen Lecture on Liu He Ba Fa at China Camp 2007. Yun demonstrates his famous wooden ball and techniques with dantien, foot movements, and heart and mind. Answers questions from the audience and demonstrates techniques with students from the audience. Push Hands clip below with Volker Jung (Germany) Translated by Liping Zhu. Price $24.95

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Yun Yin Sen Liu He Ba Fa videoYun Yin Sen Liu He Ba Fa Interview with George Xu & Susan A. Matthews

In this video, Master Yun Yen Sin gives internal secrets from the Chinese internal martial art of Liu He Ba Fa (Six Harmony-Eight Method). Master George Xu translates and Susan A. Matthews poses questions. The interview is followed by a practice session with Master Yun and Matthews, while Master Xu translates and adds perspective.

During the interview, Master Yun gives a little Liu He Ba Fa history and why he started studying it in his characteristically congenial manner. Master Yun also explains the meaning of Six Harmony/Eight Method and gives a brief overview of his lineage. He also gives details on what to focus your attention on while performing moves.

After the interview, masters Yun and Xu work with Susan on practicing some basic single moves and push hands. The first part of single move drills is accompanied by relaxing music to inspire you to follow along. The practice session takes on characteristics of a private lesson as Master Yun goes over concepts he brought out during the interview. Susan Matthews describes her observations as they work together. Through their interaction, they bring to the surface extremely subtle details on execution and technique.

This video contains vital fundamental information about the Liu He Ba Fa system of internal martial arts that will complement the practice of anyone who has ever studied with Master Yun. If you are unfamiliar with him and his system, you will gain valuable insights into internal martial arts and their practice, in general, and in Master Yun's uniquely peaceful approach to liu he ba fa. His gentle and friendly teaching manner as he and Susan Matthews interact is especially noteworthy.

Be sure to watch this video with a practice partner so you can train along with Master Yun and Susan while they go over various moves and explain internal secrets. Length: 43:57. Price $24.95

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Chinese Internal Martial Arts Demonstration Video Chinese Internal Martial Arts Demonstration Video
China Camp 2007 Form Demonstrations
China Camp 2007, a training camp with Master teachers of 9 Chinese internal martial disciplines. In a remote mountain village at the base of the Taoist mountain, San Qing, people met and trained, helping to preserve this ancient knowledge. A culturally and historically significant event ... several top artists coming together in rare cooperation to teach their arts to non-Chinese learners who traveled far to study with them. A two-disc set of day one of China Camp. Includes rare form performances from 46 martial artists from several disciplines and locations in China, USA, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Denmark. Length: Disc One -69 minutes; Disk Two - 61 min. 39 sec. Two DVDs, ($49.90), plus shipping. Price $39.95 Click Here to view clips.Click Here to view list of names and styles.

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Master Yun Yin Sen started internal arts in Yang Style Taiji. Since 1980 he studied with Zhang Chang Xin in 6 Harmony-8 Method, Liu He Pa Fa and Yi Quan Zhang Zuang (post standing). Zhang Chang Xin was one of the top students of Wu Yi Hui, founder of the form. Also since 1882 he studied with Han Qiao (Han Jiao), Lu Gui Yao, Liang Qi Zhong, all masters of 6 Harmony-8 Method. In 1992 he became Anhwei Province 6 Harmony-8 Method Association Secretary and is now President. In 1997 he received the government sports association second degree master's certificate. From 1979-2005 he has been been invited to performances and lectures internationally, very active in the world. 1999 to Russia, 2002 to London and 2003 to England. Link to pdf Bio and Form Sequence brochure by Liping Zhu.