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China Camp 2004

China Camp in Shanghai was extraordinarily successful both for the instructors who attended and for the masters. Thank you all for attending.


Master George Xu presents

2004 China International Martial Arts Camp  

Photo Enlargements of Masters | China Camp Training Halls and Masters


December 1-15, 2004 · Shanghai and Suzhou City, China
A Rare and Unique Opportunity to Train with Several of the
Greatest Internal Martial Arts Masters in China. 

Shang Xi 12 Animal Xing Yi,
Yang Style Taiji, Wu Style Taiji, Chen Style Taiji,
Lan Shou Quan, Wu Dan Qigong, 
and Hou Nan 10 Animal Xing Yi

Date and Program: December 1 through December 15, 2004. Visit the City of Shanghai and Suzhou City. Spend 11 days training in west mountains at Tai Lake near Suzhou.

November 30 – Arrive in Shanghai.

Day 1 – December 1 · Shanghai
Start in the morning with Performances from a great assemblage of the most prestigious Internal Arts Masters in Shanghai. All Leaders and System Founders are invited, Wu Style, Chen Style and others' Presidents and their assistants. This performance started with 50 Masters, and now 130+ Masters will be demonstrating their skills. This turns out to be the event to be at the Shanghai TV News, Danish National TV, 3 newspapers, and martial arts magazines from several countries will be represented. It will also be a social event for all to meet each other and share information about their styles. 
In the afternoon visit the historic Shanghai Museum, Yu Yuan Park and have free time for shopping. 
Around 6pm we will eat dinner aboard a cruise up the Yangtse River. Return by bus or by evening walk on the Nanking Road.

Day 2 – December 2 · Zhou Zhuang Village
Visit Zhou Zhuang Village, jewel of China, an ancient Chinese millionaires village where 60 percent of the residential houses were built during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, consisting of nearly 100 classic courtyards and over 60 carved brick archways and bridges. It claims to have the best living environment in China. Plus shopping.

Day 3 through 13 – December 3 - 13 · Tai Lake
Travel to Tai Lake near West Mountain. Stay in a 3 star hotel and eat in a nearby restaurant with 11 kinds of fresh fish and many wild mountain vegetables. Guaranteed traditional Chinese cooking with organic wild food.

Day 14 - December 14 · Suzhou City and Gardens
Visit China’s most beautiful city, "China’s Venice of the East." Treasured for the many different and famous gardens and pagodas. Suzhou City has many Qing Dynasty rich man/high official gardens. See the ancient Chinese construction in one of the oldest cities in China, with a history of over 2,500 years.

Day 15 - December 15
Back to Shanghai to airport. If you want to stay to continue training with any of the Masters, we can arrange that for you. All the masters are available.