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China International Martial Arts Camp

China Camp Masters

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New! The China Camp 2007 Video Project

DVDs are available!

Xing Yi Hou Nan 10 Animals    Master Qian Zhao Hong- Qian Zhao Hong video

Xing Yi    Master Wei Chun Yuan


Yang Style Master Wang Zhi Xiang; Master Wang Ming Bo Yang and Chen Style 


Wu Style Taiji             Master Xu Guo Chuang

Chen Style Master George Xu and Master Jiang Zhong Bao

Master Chen Luei Da Chen Style (left)

Lan Shou    Master Wu Ji Lan Shou Wu Ji and Lan Shou videos


Master Qing Zhong Bao Lan Shou

Master George Xu Lan Shou

Master Wu Mao Gui

Master Gordon Xu Tui Na