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2004 China International Martial Arts Camp


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  Master Qian Zhao Hong ·
Hou Nan 10 Animal Xing Yi 


Master Qian Zhao Hong is one of the best Xing Yi fighters in China: member of Shanghai Wu Shu Association, Vice Chairman of Institute of Shanghai Pa-Kua, Vice Chairman of Institute of Shanghai Wu Dong Qigong, and Highest level- Ninth Generation of Xin Yi Liu He Quan (10 Animal Xing Yi). He has defeated more than 50 masters, earning his nickname "Chainsaw." 
His specialty is wild ring fighting. He has a strong presence/electric field around him. He is a legendary fighter. Every inch he moves and every point on his body is a fist attacking you, every time. When he was young, if his defense touched your arm, your arm would break, his kick would break your leg. If his finger touched your body, you go to hospital. He is the most respected and undefeated master. He welcomes any challenge to fight from anyone. If you can beat him, your camp will be free. He will teach Xing Yi 10 Animal basics, internal art, hip loose/open, Xing Yi form and fighting principles, and Wu Dong Qigong.
video of Qian Zhao Hong


  Master Wei Chun Yuan · Shang Xi 12 Animal Xing Yi

Master Wei Chun Yuan is 83 years old and will teach with his top grand-student, Jiang Bao Kang, the #3 fighter and push hands expert in Shanghai. His nickname is "Water Man." Master Wei is a kung fu encyclopedia. Specialties are Xing Yi, two man fighting and Ancient Xing Yi Taiji, Bagua and weapons. He will focus on 5 Element 12 Animal Xing Yi, Xing Yi internal 8 palms training, 36 elbow and 64 invisible kicking training, and two man Xing Yi fighting form. He will demonstrate and possibly teach Xing Yi weapons, sword and spear. get Jiang Bao Kang's video


  Master Wang Zhi Xiang · Yang Style Taiji

Yang Style Taiji Master Wang Zhi Xiang is a specialist on Yang Style Taiji, Xing Yi 10 animals, Wu Style Taiji and Bagua. He is one of Shanghai’s best teachers. He has been teaching in France, Germany, and Italy for several years and has over 1,000 students overseas. His nickname is "Doctor Wang" because he is a massage doctor, herbalist, acupuncturist and graduate from Traditional Chinese Medical Institute. I call him a kung fu magician. His specialty is space power, human to heaven harmony to one. His power not only stays inside the body, but goes through everything outside of the body. His presence is everywhere. No one can affect him but he can affect everyone. He feels like a "swimming pool"; he covers you all over. He is a great push hands Master and fighter. His specialty is working on no effort, no technique, no strength. He beats you by mind, energy and Earth power. He has 3 Yang Style Taiji forms – standard form, fighting form and natural form. He was taught by Master Wang Zhan Hong, one of the best taiji fighters and who teaches the president’s bodyguards in Singapore.


Master Xu Guo Chuang · Wu Style Taiji

Wu Syle Master Xu Guo Chuang has as his specialty something magical called maximum natural gravity, liquid complete unit. His teacher was Dien Jien Shan, one of Wu Kuong Yi’s top students and one of the best and well respected push hands Masters. Xu Guo Chuang will teach Wu Style 13 step push hands technique, Wu Style form, Wu Style basics and principles. He can stand on one leg and no one can push him over. His force is deadly and natural, looks very soft but is very heavy, looks very slow, but is very fast. He is a kind hearted master at the same time, a good person. Xu Guo Chuang video


Master Jiang Zhong Bao · Chen Style Taiji

Master Jiang Zhong Bao studied with many Chen Style Masters including the famous Master Feng Zhiqiang. He is one of the best fighters and pushhands Masters in Shanghai. He defeated two champion boxers: China National Middleweight and Lightweight. He is nicknamed "Rope Man." He touches you and it feels like a rope ties you up and makes you immobile. His hand is also called "Sticky Rice Hand." He will teach Chen Style Forms, Basics, Push Hands, Fighting. Plus, George Xu will assist.


Master Wu Ji · Shi Chuan Wumei Mountain Lan Shou Shaolin

Master Wu Ji used to be in China’s special army where he defeated all other specialists. His nickname is "Copper Skin-Iron Bone Man". He is one of the best fighters. He will teach whole body unified power, body conditioning, Chinese 23 fighting principles, and also two man fighting training, Shaolin fundamental fighting basics, single line exercise training, six direction power, and power stretch. Master Ye Xiao Long and Master Qing Zhong Bao will be there as assistants. Both have taught in the U.S. Plus George Xu will be teaching.