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Grandmaster Wang Hao DaGrandmaster Wang Hao Da

Master Wang is considered to have been one of the most energetic and gifted push hands artists in Shanghai. He studied many years as an indoor student of Wu Style Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang.  He was willing to share a wealth of neigong and neijing practices. He developed the highest level of sophistication of spiral neijing energy, zhong ding jing, and spine biomechanics in his form.  It is a rare treat and opportunity to see this level of Taiji skill.



Wang Hao Da videoVolume 1 Master George Xu Presents Wu Style Taijiquan Grandmaster Wang Hao Da in San Francisco. This video contains excerpts from key instructional moments during a weekend workshop hosted by Master George Xu. It includes many close-up and slow motion views displaying intricate details of most first section movements and some second section. Viewers will find several testing sections for analysis and simply for the fun of watching Master Wang demonstrate zhong ding jing throwing off Xu and students. Some minutes are dedicated to longevity massage and loosening exercises. This was the first of Grandmaster Wang’s several trips to the USA in the late 1990s and early 2000s as visiting teacher for Master Xu’s Summer Camp. This video presents a variety of insights into his unique expression of Wu Style, filmed mostly at Spreckle’s Lake in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Grandmaster Wang, who passed away in 2003, was a top student of Grandmaster Ma Yueh Liang, the legendary Wu stylist of Shanghai who was a disciple of Wu Chien Chuan, the lineage’s originator. Master Xu joins Grandmaster Wang in testing, push hands, and explaining and translating internal secrets of Grandmaster Wang’s style of Wu taijiquan, but there is a wealth of information if you speak Shanghai dialect. This video contains fascinating insights into his knowledge and ability that will thrill seasoned practitioners and inspire everyone else.

This video was initially filmed by Master Xu and at least one of his students who is unidentified and who gave Master Xu a VHS copy of the excerpts. Camera angles are very good and it is usually easy to get a ring side seat to view Grandmaster Wang’s abilities. Length: 1:36:00. Edited by Tim Richard, $29.95.

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Wang Hao DaVolume 2 Grandmaster Wang Hao Da Push Hands in the Park. Volume 2 is 35 minutes of Wang Hao Da, George Xu, Wang Zhi Xiang and several others playing push hands in Cao Yang Park, Shanghai. Master Wang demonstrates over and over his ability to energetically shoot opponents off with the power of his yi. Note there is some degradation, video digitized from VHS. Edited by Tim Richard, $24.95.

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Wang Hao Da dvdVolume 3 Grandmaster Wang Hao Da Neijing Training. This amazing volume contains 1hr. 15 min. of sitting neijing training exercises that train yi, loosen all parts of the body, train moving qi. These exercises improve longevity and are the first section fundamental training for his ability to 'shoot' and fly people away with zhong ding jing. Includes: head and neck loosening exercises, joint rotations, self-massage of joints, meridians, lymphatics, zhong ding training exercises, zhong ding jing exercises, agility training, inside open-close training, dantien rotations (qi circles), dantien jing, shoulder-rib power, hip peng jing, feet peng jing, arm peng jing, shooting. "If you keep practicing, God will let you return to the baby." Note there is some degradation, video digitized from VHS. Edited by Tim Richard, $29.95.


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*** Three Volume Set Grandmaster Wang Hao Da. Get all three volumes for only $69.95 ***

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Wang Zhi Xiang Yang Style Tai Chi DvdDoctor Wang Zhi Xiang Lecture on Bamen Wu Bu at China Camp 2004

Dr. Wang Zhi Xiang, a top student of Wang Hao Da, gives a highly intellectual and informative lecture on the 12 elements required in taijiquan form and application. He describes and illustrates Bamen Wu Bu, eight-directional energetic force and the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water in taijiquan. This is one of the best, or perhaps the best lecture from both 2004 and 2007 camps (along with George's lecture described above). Expertly translated and interpreted by Paul Leu. You will want more after hearing this lecture. We recommend China Camp Out Takes 2004 which contains his set of basic exercises and Yang Style Form. $24.95 plus S&H.

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Wang Hao Da Ma Yeuh Liang and Wang Hao Da video






Wang Hao Da Article and Biography by J. Reynolds Nelson

Pictures from Annual Taiji Camp, La Honda, California. Worth the wait if you have been to camp. See friends. Video below is not part of this three volume series. 

Susan Matthews- Wang Hao Da and George Xu Tai Chi Quan DVD Video  


Dear Susan Matthews,
Thank you for the information about Master Wang Hao Da. It is a sad news, I met him in June 2001 summer camp (San Diego Cal.) with master George. By that time he had some problems with his lungs, I noticed it, but he worked the 10 days camp all the way through. Really he impressed me very much, since that was the first time I saw the real qi working. I played with him push hands and he issued qi, and he would find my qi with great facility. One thing that impressed me, one day he sent off to the ground a student standing at 4 meters away from him by just looking at him, he absorbed his qi from a distance. I must say that he changed my perception about taiji 180 degrees, since I had studied only taiji theory and by then the concept of qi was very difficult for me to understand.  I flew from Venezuela South America just to be with Master Wang Hao Da and Master George Xu in California 2001 Summer Camp. He had a weird way of doing taiji, it was difficult for me to do the movements at that time, since his style was new to me, I was accustomed to play Yang taiji. He threw me off to the ground every time he wanted to and then he would laugh out loud, I thought to my self: "he goes everywhere in the world throwing people away, laughing and making money with it, next time I am born perhaps I will have that job". The experience with masters Wang Hao Da and George Xu was most excellent, I love both masters very much since they conformed an inseparable team Wang Hao Da and George Xu. His taiji went as far as the Amazone Jungle where we live, we still share with our taiji friends the practice Wang Hao Da teachings, his videos and personal experience. The day we finished the 2001 taiji summer camp, I went to his cabin to say good-bye, we did a little more push hands for the last time, then he laugh out loud and I said to him "Master Wang you a rare taiji jewel". Amazone Jungle Prof. Alfredo Zurita